MAPEGY.SCOUT is a highly sophisticated innovation monitoring & analytics tool for innovation research. Designed for researchers, consultant and analysts – SCOUT provides the means to identify trends in innovation, trace applications of technology, map the competitive landscape, and more.

SCOUT is based on Machine learning and Big Data analytics and complex AI algorithms to analyze a wide range of data – from scientific publications and patents, to news articles, blogs and startup databases. SCOUT then performs a deep technical analysis and divides and categorizes your results into relevant sections, showing you projected innovation forecasts, the latest relevant publications and news, and who the top players, universities, innovators and new entrants are – within that specific field.

Your results are then presented in a range of highly intuitive and interactive formats, including tables, charts, graphs and geo-maps. In this way, SCOUT not only performs your desired search, but it monitors and analyses your results to give you a deep and clear overview any desired topic area or scientific field: e.g. artificial intelligence.

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Benefits of using SCOUT

Get Informed Quickly on Recent Technology Advances

In today’s dynamic world of technology – getting informed about the newest developments is of a crucial importance and brings a competitive advantage. Staying informed will help you to define the right strategy just in time.

By using MAPEGY.SCOUT – you will get access to the latest industry trends and news, as well as profiles of the top innovative players that define the scientific and technological advancements. Thus, you will gain a quick ‘DNA analysis’ of all players and industries, based on their digital footprint.

Improve your Innovation Process

No matter you are targeting the local or the global market – you should always know if similar projects have already been developed. Based on the insights obtained via SCOUT you will make a better and more informed decision – should you proceed, change or cancel your current efforts in a given field of research – with high accuracy.

Our smart tools and indicators will present you general overview on peers and partners, technological and scientific overview and similar industries, so you can assess the maturity of the market and technology, and to predict potential expensive missteps earlier in the development process.

Smart Way to Identify new Partners

You will always improve your chances to get awarded by finding suitable partners and forming trustful consortiums. MAPEGY.SCOUT helps you to build a large collaboration network, using structured and up-to-date profiles of researchers and institutions, thus providing access to subject experts with required knowledge – relevant for your project area.

Identifying partners, recruiting experts and finding funding possibilities will improve your innovation process, will facilitate commercialization, and move into a higher level of creativity, e.g. – resolving harder problems.

With its smart profiling technology, MAPEGY.SCOUT enhances your partner identification by instantly providing you with a list of the most relevant innovation profiles – companies, start-ups, universities, etc. – working in your field of research.

Follow the Competition in Real time

In order to stay competitive on the market – it is advisable to follow the competition and to reduce your risk. The MAPEGY.SCOUT platform allows you to get an instant preview on competitors’ expertise, background and influence. MAPEGY alerts can be setup for players, as well as topics, so you will be timely informed on competitive, technology and industry advancements. You can follow their publication activity, partnerships and licensing opportunities, so you will be accurately informed about their market movements.

Collaboration and Teamwork

MAPEGY.SCOUT provides a collective gathering and processing of information to monitor developments, patterns and tendencies. You can configure your workflows and user rights, save bookmarks, save your queries, save your analyses etc.

In order to determine relevant project-specific sources and topics, team members can also set up their search within targeted data sources like patents, journals or specific research areas; search results can be filtered and re-analyzed.

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