Emerging Technologies

Which emerging technology trends will shape the world?

Given the rapid technological change in every industry, keeping track of disruptive and radical innovation is more important and challenging than ever. Leveraging smart data with AI-based algorithms, SCOUT allows you to identify the emerging technologies with high potential to disrupt your industry.

In order to gauge that potential, you need to know whether the technology is aligned along one of three dimensions of technological maturity:

  • high risk, first mover technologies
  • opportunities
  • low risk mature technologies

Based on the MAPEGY INNOVATION GRAPH, which powers SCOUT, we prepared an interactive infographic showing technologies with high disruptive potential, and their level of maturity:

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High risk tech
Low risk tech

SCOUT’s AI-backed algorithms analyze big data to pinpoint relevant industries, technologies and trends within various industries and fields. SCOUT then delivers relevant peers, partners and experts within each field, intuitively presented in a series of interactive charts and geomaps. This analysis allows us to quickly identify what the emerging technologies are, but also their level of maturity based on their related subjects, publications, peers & partners and forecasts. SCOUT’s analysis will allow you to navigate disruptive emerging technologies with ease, and make clear, informed decisions to move your business forwards.

Click on each emerging technology to dive into SCOUT and explore more insights about the technology – including the most relevant industries, news, key players, and technology forecasting.