General FAQ

MAPEGY (mapping innovation data for your strategy) is a group of innovation enthusiasts, seasoned professionals and entrepreneurs. With our customers, partners and suppliers we are a winning team that fosters innovation to create a better future for humanity.

Innovation is the result of the right technology, market and business decisions. We connect you with the people and insights that matter. We believe that, with advanced technology, humans can create a better future. We believe that by combining human intuition and machine intelligence we can bring better ideas to the market, faster.

We are your guide to innovation!

MAPEGY.SCOUT enables researchers, managers and decision makers to find and exploit data driven facts & figures on global innovation dynamics: ‘who’ is doing ‘what’, ‘where’, ‘when’ and ‘how’. In other words, the world’s information on innovation organized and accessible at your fingertips.

MAPEGY is the only insights and data provider with a 360° view, not only on patents & primary technology data, but also product and press data from a multitude of sources.

Software and Data as a Service is of massive value to any technology based industry, organization or individual. Annually, worldwide R&D expenditures exceed €1,5 trillion, but billions are wasted due to a lack of sufficient insights at the right place and right time. Successful R&D requires advanced insights on technology developments, creative and time-devoted strategy, and quick time-to market. With its AI backed algorithms SCOUT provides Big Data analysis with visual analytics in an easy-to-use platform at your fingertips, relieving you from tedious, time-consuming tasks.

SCOUT analyzes, identifies and monitors relevant topics (WHAT) and players (WHO) within your specified field of innovation, allowing you to get to market faster.

  • WHAT: trends, innovation, technologies and research
  • WHO: companies, experts, competition, and other stakeholders

An innovation solution based around our keystone product, SCOUT.


Software as a Service

Different licensing options

  • MAPEGY.SCOUT: explore the world of innovation yourself.
  • MAPEGY.RADARS: our fully customizable monitoring service.

Data as a Service

  • mapegy.API: direct access to our mapegy.InnovationGraph and Millions of updated technology, company and expert profiles.

We also offer additional innovation and business intelligence consulting services that are integrated into the SCOUT platform. These services include search queries, reports, projects, presentations, and industry and player analyses.

MAPEGY solutions are used by innovators: Fortune 500 companies, consultancies and services providers as well as startups and individuals.

  • Innovation & Technology Scouts and Managers, Portfolio & R&D Managers who need condensed (“briefings”) innovation insights on various topics (organisation, monitoring, communication, distribution).
  • Subject Matter Experts who don’t have access to the sufficient information and need insights and overviews.
  • R&D heavy companies who need to foster an innovative company culture and lack relevant innovation and R&D facts and figures.
  • Investors and business analysts who need accurate, concise insights into investment areas, key players and startups.
  • HR Managers who need to find experts for various technologies and industries.

 Our products and services allow global innovators to stay up to date and push the market forwards. We provide the world’s innovation at their fingertips.

SCOUT gives our users a competitive advantage through a better understanding of the market, allowing them to make better fact-based decisions. SCOUT saves costs, resources and time, and facilitates operational and strategic decision making.

MAPEGY’s innovation graph tracks WHO is doing WHAT based on:

  • over 100 million research papers from over 6,000 publishers,
  • over 100 million patents from over 150 patent offices,
  • over 700 million articles from over 60,000 media sources (News, Press organizations, Blogs, Company pages, Forums, Finance news) in more than 25 languages (English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Swedish, Greek, Danish, Portuguese, Polish, Korean, Finnish, Czech, Hungarian, Arabic, Romanian, Thai, Bulgarian, Norwegian, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Croatian),
  • over 4 billion social media posts from over 100 Million online accounts,
  • over 10 thousand technical standards, and many other innovation related sources.

Our data is updated and curated daily.

SCOUT uses AI backed algorithms to tap into the the Big Data of the InnovationGraph. SCOUT’s algorithms draw the dots between the 7+ million experts and managers, 1+ million companies and organizations, and 500+ thousands topics and technologies, that are regularly updated. SCOUT then displays the Smart Data (only the most relevant facts and figures).