Who or what is a “mapegy”?
Mapegy (mapping innovation data for your strategy) is a group of Innovation enthusiasts, seasoned professionals and entrepreneurs. With our customers, partners and suppliers we are a winning team that fosters innovation in order to create a better future for humanity.

Innovation is the result of the right technology, market and business decisions. We connect you with the people and insights that matter. We believe that humans using advanced technology create a better future. We believe that human intuition and machine intelligence together bring better ideas faster to market.

We are your guide to innovation!

What makes mapegy unique?
It is the mapegy.InnovationGraph – data driven facts & figures on the global innovation dynamics in means of WHO is doing WHAT with WHOM, WHERE, WHEN and HOW or, in other words, the world’s information on innovation organized and quickly and simply accessible for everyone.
mapegy is the only insights and data provider with a 360°-view not only on patents & primary technology data but also product data from press releases and other sources.

Why use mapegy?
Worldwide R&D expenditures exceed €1,5 trillon. However, billions are wasted due to a lack of insights in the right place at the right time. Drivers for successful R&D are advanced insights about technology developments, time devoted to creativity and strategy, as well as quick time-to-market. mapegy relieves all innovators and investors from tedious, unproductive tasks and provides easy-to-use yet complex Big Data, Visual Analytics and AI methods at a fingertip. The Software and Data as a Service is of massive value to any technology based industry and organization as well as individuals.

What are typical use cases?
Simply put: it’s the Analysis, Scouting and Monitoring of Innovation relevant Topics (WHAT) and Players (WHO)

  • WHAT: trends, innovation, technologies and
  • WHO: companies, experts, competition, and other stakeholders

in order to stay on pulse of time and get to market faster.

What exactly does mapegy offer?

Software as a Service
using a single, team or company license:
Data as a Service
  • mapegy.Scout: explore the world of innovation yourself.
  • mapegy.Radars: our fully customizable monitoring service.
  • mapegy.API: direct access to our mapegy.InnovationGraph and Millions of updated technology, company and expert profiles.

We are also happy to offer consulting for your Innovation and Business Intelligence needs to evaluate the results you discover with our software, assist you with the preparation of presentations, and prepare customized studies.

Who uses mapegy?
mapegy solutions are used by innovators – Fortune 500 companies, consultancies and services providers as well as startups and individuals.

  • Innovation & Technology Scouts and Managers, Portfolio & R&D Managers who need condensed (“briefings”) innovation insights on various topics that they have to manage (organize, monitor, communicate, distribute).
  • Subject Matter Experts who don’t have access to the right information on innovation and need a quick overview and insights.
  • R&D heavy companies who need to foster an innovative company culture and have a lack of innovation & R&D related facts & figures.
  • Investors and business analysts who need trustworthy condensed “briefings” and background insights for their investment decisions.
  • HR Managers who need to find experts for in various technologies and industries.

Our products and services allow innovators globally to collaborate, to stay on pulse of time and get to market faster. With mapegy, they have the worlds innovation at their fingertips.

How will I benefit from your product/services?
The product gives customers competitive advantage, understanding of the market and better decision making based on facts. It saves time, cost, resources and gives relevant insights to strategic and operational business decisions.

Where does mapegy’s data come from?
Mapegy tracks the world of Innovation and analyze WHO is doing WHAT with WHOM, WHERE, WHEN and HOW based on

  • over 100 million research papers from over 6,000 publishers,
  • over 100 million patents from over 150 patent offices,
  • over 700 million articles from over 60,000 media sources (News, Press organizations, Blogs, Company pages, Forums, Finance news) in more than 25 languages (English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Swedish, Greek, Danish, Portuguese, Polish, Korean, Finnish, Czech, Hungarian, Arabic, Romanian, Thai, Bulgarian, Norwegian, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Croatian),
  • over 4 billion social media posts from over 100 Million online accounts,
  • over 10 thousand technical standards, and many other innovation related sources.

How often is the data updated?
Our data is updated and curated frequently during the day.

How does it work?
It’s about the right mix of understanding how Innovation works, and the effective use of Algorithms and Big Data. It is definitely not about documents first. Daily mapegy algorithms are collecting only the most crucial Facts & Figures (“Smart Data“) and are connecting the dots in the mapegy.InnovationGraph – a regularly updated database – which by now connects

  • over 7 Million Experts and Managers,
  • over 1 Million Organizations or Companies and
  • over 500 Thousand Topics and Technologies.

Is there a restriction on how many searches I can make?
No t
here are no restrictions on searches.

What are the system requirements for mapegy.Radar & mapegy.Scout?
For using our tools, you only need a web browser and a standard internet connection.

Do I have to install something on my computer?
Nope, all of our tools are web based.

How much does it cost?
There is no “one price fits all”. It really depends on your use case, company and team size. We are happy to provide services like the AI.Radar for free but will charge for customizations, or frequent use of the mapegy.Scout or our mapegy.API. Let’s talk and find out how to collaborate.

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