How does MAPEGY.SCOUT work

Phase 1: Capture

SCOUT constantly accesses the global innovation publication universe, capturing and collecting the most crucial facts and figures. Our steadily growing and carefully maintained database includes relevant information on:

700 million

More than 700 million ARTICLES from more than 60,000 MEDIA sources

4 billion

More than 4 billion POSTS from more than 100 million online accounts

100 million

More than 100 million PATENTS from more than 100 IP Offices all over the world

100 million

More than 100 million RESEARCH PAPERS from more than 6,000 publishers


More than 15,000 funded research projects

23 million

More than 23 million subject matter experts and influencers

1.2 million

More than 1.2 million global companies in total


More than 400,000 startup companies


More than 30,000 companies that invest in these startups


More than 100,000 universities and research institutions


More than 200,000 selected topics from innovation, technology, and research

Phase 2: Analyze

This “smart data” is analyzed and interpreted to create our rapidly growing database that currently includes:

7 Million

Over 7 Million Experts,

1 Million

Over 1 Million Organizations,

500 Thousand

Over 500 Thousand Technologies.

Phase 3: Empower

We present the data in the manner that adds the greatest value for the client and help him to derive insights, connect them with relevant projects and share it with his collaborators.

The reports you can create include highly intuitive and interactive formats, tables, charts, graphs, and geographic maps.

Finally, SCOUT offers full Content & Collaboration management system (uploading, saving, sharing of information), so you can improve your company’s decision making process.


Whereas other search engines like Google offer mostly just lists of documents related to your query, SCOUT is designed to aggregate and process the data in order to provide enhanced monitoring, visualization and analytics. In other words, our algorithms save you the time and effort of identifying the most relevant documents, reading them, and structuring and summarizing the information – with SCOUT, you can do all of this with the push of a button!

Maximize your R&D effect with SCOUT’s Innovative Features

In comparison with the competition – SCOUT possess some evident advantages

  • SCOUT helps you to conduct analyses in three different dimensions: Topics (industries, tech areas, scientific fields), Organizations (Companies, Universities, New entrants and Governmental organizations), and Experts (Inventors, Academic researchers, Managers)
  • Aside from analyzing information across these dimensions, SCOUT provides a Tab with all news: Articles, Patents and Scientific publications, related to the search.
  • SCOUT provides advanced queries structure in searches, using Boolean operators, (see below).
  • A unique and very useful feature – the FORECASTS Tab, which provides Predictions regarding the search query.
  • MAPEGY Innovation database, not only focussing on technology (patents, science, etc.), but also relevant market data, industry trends and forecasts (press, product releases, etc.).
  • SCOUT usability (developed to be used by non-specialists and providing quick and direct access with low boundaries).
  • Thanks to Scout’s API features, you can request targeted information from SCOUT and integrate it into your existing information system.

Other advanced features, including:

  • Save Query (you can save your searches for future use);
  • Share saved Queries with your team members (included in enterprise membership);
  • Alerts (you will be alerted when there are any updates on saved queries);
  • Bookmarks of the Articles or any publication of interest (launching soon).

Advanced Search Capabilities and Alerts

The query capabilities of MAPEGY.SCOUT include automatic search in multiple internal and external, open (and protected) Internet data sources. The obtained results are highly-organized and stored on a central server. The platform offers different notifications about new search results and the possibility of sharing and transferring results to other processes. Queries can be stored and shared with other users; this will improve the productivity of your entire team. When the search query is activated, MAPEGY.SCOUT performs the search across all connected sources repeatedly and in real-time.

Alerts will trigger in the background and will appear as notifications in your dashboard. They will be generated on certain data indicators, or when data passes a defined threshold.

Fast insights from Data Analytics

MAPEGY.SCOUT processes huge sets of innovation related data, by acquiring access to the Internet and to all relevant databases and datasets. To provide quick and reliable overview of the results, MAPEGY.SCOUT applies different analysis and visualization techniques. Also, different machine learning algorithms (cluster analysis, linear regression, trees) are being applied for big data analysis.

Advanced Search Capabilities and Alerts

You can increase the productivity of the platform by including your own data and content in the analyses. The ownership rights to all created data will belong to you, and you control the user access rights. In the future versions – SCOUT will create a comprehensive and flexible mappi ng of your internal skills, enabling you to uncover knowledge internally first. Thus, you’ll be able to define the right skills to your projects, train efficiently, benefit on your team experience, save time and lower the operational costs. If you search for a new data set – SCOUT can assist you to discover new areas of technology and innovation, and add it to the platform to help you achieve your goals.

Fast insights from Data Analytics

SCOUT will generate a report with visuals based on your search and performed data analysis; the report will be created in real-time and with just one-click. You will have it in your dashboard in terms of seconds. All the graphs and diagrams will incorporate the profiles of the organizations and subject you selected. The final result will be a clear presentation that includes screenshots of the companies and marked text boxes for your personal notes and comments on each slide. (Feature coming soon).

All output data are presented in a visual way – line, pie and bar charts, or specialized symbol maps, word clouds and connectivity charts. We are launching soon our Network visualisation tool, where you can see companies linked to industries and also a visualisation representing maturity of technology and maturity of a market.

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