Emerging Technologies (Beta)

Welcome to MAPEGY Emerging Technological Trends. Here you will find a table with a comprehensive list of the latest trends affecting all core industries. This table is constantly updated with the latest trends of all sizes, keeping you up-to-date with the latest technological developments.

Technological Trends are sorted and filtered by industry. Enter your desired industry or trend into the search box to filter for your desired result. Clicking on a trend of industry will take you through to its relevant page.

Additive ManufacturingGeneral
Additive ManufacturingChemical & Materials
Additive ManufacturingConsumer Goods
Additive ManufacturingIndustry & Manufacturing
Additive ManufacturingMedical & Healthcare
Additive ManufacturingMobility
Smart City General
Smart CityMobility
Autonomous VehicleGeneral
Autonomous VehicleMobility
Internet of Things (IoT)General
Internet of Things (IoT)Chemical & Materials
Internet of Things (IoT)Consumer Goods
Internet of Things (IoT)Industry & Manufacturing
Internet of Things (IoT)Information Technology & Telecommunications
Internet of Things (IoT)Medical & Healthcare
Internet of Things (IoT)Mobility
Artificial Intelligence (AI)General
Artificial Intelligence (AI)Consumer Goods
Artificial Intelligence (AI)Industry & Manufacturing
Artificial Intelligence (AI)Information Technology & Telecommunications
Artificial Intelligence (AI)Medical & Healthcare
Artificial Intelligence (AI)Mobility
Wearable TechnologyGeneral
Wearable TechnologyConsumer Electronics
Wearable TechnologyMedical & Healthcare
Airless TireGeneral
Airless TireMobility
Augmented RealityGeneral
Augmented RealityConsumer Electronics
Augmented RealityInformation Technology & Telecommunications
Augmented RealityMobility
Autonomous Vehicle EntertainmentGeneral
Autonomous Car EntertainmentMobility
Autonomous Vehicle EntertainmentGeneral
Autonomous Car EntertainmentMobility
Alternative Fuels General
Alternative FuelMobility
Bio-Waste ValorizationGeneral
Bio-waste ValorizationChemical & Materials
BiochipMedical & Healthcare
E-Mobility / Electric MobilityGeneral
E-Mobility / Electric MobilityMobility
Industrial RobotGeneral
Industrial RobotIndustry & Manufacturing
Industrial RobotMobility
Head-Up Display / HUDGeneral
Head-Up Display / HUDMobility
Mobility as a Service / MaaSGeneral
Mobility As A ServiceMobility
Smart DataGeneral
Smart DataInformation Technology & Telecommunications
Smart DataMobility
DC Fast ChargingGeneral
DC Fast ChargingMobility
Condition MonitoringGeneral
Condition MonitoringIndustry & Manufacturing
AerogelChemical & Materials
Carbon Capture and StorageGeneral
Carbon Capture and StorageChemical & Materials
BioplasticChemical & Materials
ElectroencephalographyMedical & Healthcare
Flexible ElectronicsGeneral
Flexible ElectronicsConsumer Electronics
FullereneChemical & Materials
Gene TherapyGeneral
Gene TherapyLife Sciences
Gene TherapyMedical & Healthcare
https://scout.mapegy.com/projects/cee631125c3df2fd1fb42Chemical & Materials
GrapheneEnergy & Power
Green Construction Materials General
Green Construction MaterialsChemical & Materials
Home AutomationGeneral
Home AutomationConsumer Electronics
High Voltage Direct CurrentGeneral
High Voltage Direct CurrentEnergy & Power
Lightweight MaterialGeneral
Lightweight MaterialChemical & Materials